How To Choose The Right Doors For Your Home

The right door can make or break a home's exterior. Choosing the right door can also affect the safety of your home and the amount of sound that can enter your home. Here are few factors to consider when choosing brand new doors for your home.


A door must not be too small nor too large for a space. Not only will you have problems with a door slab that is too large for your frame, a large door will also look out of proportion with the rest of the furnishings already in the room. 


The style is another important consideration. The door must complement the existing decor in your home. For example, a simple door in bright blue will work great with a Mediterranean-styled home. A solid wooden door with ornate carvings will be suited for a home with an Oriental aesthetic. You can also mix and match especially if you are buying more than one or two doors for different areas in the house, but it is best to choose doors with one or two common elements between them for sense of continuity.


Framing is as equally important as the door itself. Quality frames add to the security and durability of a door. Cheap frames can also distract from the aesthetic qualities of a good looking and expensive door. You can opt for doors that are pre-hung or door slabs. Pre-hung doors come with mounted frames with hinges already to be attached to the doorjamb. Slabs are bare doors that still require the installation of frames.


Doors can be classified according to how much sound they deaden, called a sound transmission class. Choose doors with an STC range of 40-60 especially if you are shopping for bedroom doors or if your house is near a busy street since these doors offer the best type of soundproofing.


You will find that most doors are made of fiberglass, solid or composite wood, and metal. The choice of material ultimately rests on your personal preferences and your budget but there are materials that are best suited for a specific type of decor or theme. For example, metal doors which are sleek and modern look best in homes that have a modern and minimalist interior design. Durability is another factor that is tied to material, especially if you are choosing front doors. You need a material that is resistant to warping or rot. Metal doors are great because they are not susceptible to rot or water damage. They are also 43 times stronger than wood.

The factors mentioned above are helpful if you want to get the best quality of doors for your home. Whether you choose wood, composite wood, plastic or aluminium doors Kapiti Coast, make sure that these meet the aesthetic and structural requirements of your home. Outdoor doors made of aluminum are the best option when it comes to durability as they are built to withstand the weather. Aluminum doors are also the best option if you want to increase the structural integrity of your home because these doors tend to be strong, secure and less likely to dent or warp. Homeowners looking for aluminium doors Kapiti have a range of suppliers of aluminium doors and windows Kapiti to choose from to get the look they want within their budget.